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Welcome to Terahash, your number one source for all crypto mining products in the UAE. We Are the fastest growing solution for the best and most efficient ASIC miners, custom mining rigs, and GPUs in UAE. With a vision to provide you with the very best quality in the market with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency. With the best in class range of ASIC Miners, GPU mining rigs, and GPUs. Our goal is to maximize your profits.

According to our studies, people are now shifting more towards cryptocurrencies. Most of the investors have lost their investments due to an unstable market and lack of necessary machines and tools. Therefore we took a step forward to help you find a safer investment plan.

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All our machines come with 1-year warranty. We manage warranties on behalf of our clients free of charge. Operational issues post-warranty period will be managed by our certified ASIC miner’s in-house experts so you can keep making money from crypto mining seamlessly.

Start crypto mining from the comfort of your home. We install ASICs, GPUs and Network miners at your assigned spaces anywhere in the world. We are specialized in small, medium and large scale crypto mining facility setups and installation of ASIC miners.

We do routine maintenance checkups every two months for all of our clients. Guiding, teaching and consulting them so be assured that ASIC miners or GPU miners are functioning at the top of their efficiency.

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